Adelaide Hills, SA

In 2011 when my husband and I purchased our new property and refinanced our home lown, we decided that it was also a good time to create our will, insurances, powere of attorney and guardianship documentation.

It was fortunate for us that we were recommnended to Mr David Schultz of Encounter Group.  David's advice, knowledge and recommendations have changed our lives and I will forever be grateful to him.

David, along with lawyers, created our documentation to cover our will, power of attorney and guardianship requirements.  David also recommended specific policies to cover my husband and me for personal insurance for income protection, accident, disability and life cover.  It was a lengthy and involved proces however David helped us with each step and guided us through maintaining contact and advice along the way.  We were constantly kept up to date with how the prcoess was going.  Little did we know at the time that within a few years I would be calling David in a panic asking that we meet to implement the first stage of our personal insurance policy.

In December 2014 my husband Hamish was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, and died 6 months later on 5th July 2016.  It is hard to find the words to describe the help that David gave us during this time.  It goes well beyond a business relationship, as David was so incredibly suspportive both emotionally and with providing financial advice.

Hamish's cancer progressed very quickly, he was incredibly ill as he went through the journey of chemo.  David took control of everything.  He always visited us at home and clearly explained what we needed to do and helped guide us through each step.  I will never fully understand the hours and work that was put into implementing our various insurance policies as to us it seemed to be a smooth process handled quickly and efficiently by David and his staff.  Hamish and I were left to focus on his health and our family without having to worry about the financial side of things.  Not having to worry about mounting medical bills or income to cover our general expenses was a relief.  

David's compassion for us during this time was invaluable.  It was genuine, honest and his concern for our well being went beyond his financial role.  He explained each part of policy clearly and made sure that Hamish understood and was happy with how the funds would be reinvested.  I know that money doesn't make it any easier nor change the fact that my husband was dying, however I know that for Hamish during that time, to see that both myself and our two young girls were going to be financially taken care, and for it to be overseen by David gave him great relief.  Hamish and Dave forged a special and unique friendship.  

I am so grateful.  Because of the policies that David implemented, we were in a financial position that I was able to give up work and care for Hamish. We didn't know at the time that we would only have 6 months left together, but I will be forever grateful to David that I was given this opportunity. I know that there are many less fortunate people in a similar situation. I have become a great advocate for insurance and have been advising my friends and family to contact David to ensure that their families can have the same peace of mind, and with someone that they can trust.

After Hamish passed away, David and his team took extra care in ensuring that I understood what was happening with the policies, and assisted me with financial purchases. It is an ongoing relationship, one that David keeps me aware of what is happening financially and to also ensure my emotional well being.  I know that my emotional well being has been directly affected by the policies originally implemented by David all those years ago in 2011, when we thought we would never need them.

I would highly recommend David and The Encounter Group to any potential client.  To be able to trust someone who has the knowledge and understanding on the financial sector that David has with such important personal decisions is invaluable.

Matt and Sara

Unley, SA

After the birth of my first child I started for the first time to think about the level of personal protection my wife and I had, and about our financial future. These concerns kept me awake at night and the thought of my wife and kids selling up the family home and being on the street if anything happened to me was enough to drive me mad.  I was lucky enough to meet Tom Curtis from the Encounter Group through a work colleague and an initial conversation with him made me realise we needed a serious review of our cover and plans.

Tom made the whole process incredibly easy and stress free. He was so genuine and personable in his approach we could tell that he honestly cares about his customers. We quickly realised that Tom wasn't about selling us something we didn't need or want, but he wanted to work with us to put our minds at ease and help us towards the financial security and goals we were after. I've worked in customer service and sales for a long time, and I've never met anyone who genuinely cares about the needs of his customers more than Tom.

After completing this assessment with Tom I now rest easy knowing that my family will be looked after financially should anything happen to my Wife or l. Tom has helped lift a great weight off my shoulders. With his expertise and advice we now also have a plan in place to help us retire at an age we only previously dreamed was possible.

I'm sure we could have been given the same products and prices with any competitor but the exceptional customer service and compassion for his customers is what has made me a very loyal advocate of Tom and the Encounter Group. So much so that I am now referring my customers through to Tom so that they too get to experience the service I have and can be looked after. I'm very protective of my customers and would never refer them to anyone I didn't believe in and trust. I have no concerns whatsoever referring through to Tom and the team at Encounter Group because I know they always put their customers needs and goals above everything else. For that, I cannot thank them enough.


Murray Bridge, SA

I first visited Christine Lubke at The Encounter Group approximately 12 months ago to ask her advice about my chances of being able to give up work.

I had been in the nursing trade for over 40 years, and desperately wanted to retire.

I was not hopeful when I visited Christine that her answer would be yes, but she was able to reassure me that the situation was more than possible. She has consolidated my superannuation funds into one fund with AMP Insurance, and also advised me on other aspects e.g. pay off car loan.

I have been retired now for 7 months and am extremely happy with life and with the way I am managing on the money I receive from my Super fund.

I know she likes to have face to face interaction with her clients 12 monthly, which is reassuring, and is available by phone if needed for any enquiries.

I know that I would not have had the confidence to do any of this without her advice, and I am extremely grateful for her help and caring manner.

Brendon and Deb

Flagstaff Hill, SA

In 2014 my wife and I began a process of evaluating our financial position and superannuation.

We looked at our requirements and decided to seek the services of a professional financial planner who could review and advise us on planning for financial security.

Early in 2015, my wife and I met with a representative of the Encounter Group.

We immediately felt comfortable with the representative.  After this initial meeting we decided to change from our existing provider to the Encounter Group.  Since that time we have had several meetings with our planner.  This has achieved a number of outcomes including supperannuation changes and a comprehensive financial plan.

This has been achieved in a very professional and dynamic manner giving us the confidence that we have made the correct choice in changing to your company.  The advice provided has led to significant positive changes in our portfolio.  I believe that the advice given has been in our best personal interest and at the same time delivered in a very professional and ethical manner.

I am confident that our financial security in retirement is assured and we look forward to a continued relationship with your company.


Murray Bridge, SA

When my father had to go into nursing care I found he had no financial planning set up.

I found myself floundering until I contacted The Encounter Group.  I was met with a welcoming smile, lots of very informative information on how to tackle the problems ahead of me.

After a few appointments the problems were solved and I found I could sleep at night without any more worries.  Thank you!


Adelaide, SA

Some years ago my husband Peter and I were having problems with a few financial advisers (being passed from one to another with no continuity).  We eventually found one we were happy with only to be disappointed a few years later with her closing her business. 

Dave was then recommended to us and with some reluctance we agreed to meet.  However, there was no need for us to be concerned as since that time we have put our financial lives in his hands and he has not let us down.  We are considered "mum and dad investors" as we do not have a large portfolio but Dave and his company treat us with just as much importance as wealthier clients.  

Since our first meeting we have retired and with Dave's advice have set up an income stream which will keep us comfortable for the rest of our lives.  He has a very personable nature and a way of explaining confusing detail to us 'oldies' to help us understand.  He also has a good knowledge of Centrelink and has helped with our pensions.  We feel very comfortable putting our finances in his safe hands and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him and his company to our contacts.  We hope to continue with our relationship well into the future and would like to take this opportunity to thank him and his staff for all their efforts.

Paul and Ruth

Woodside, SA

Choosing a Financial Planner was a new experience for my wife and me and something we did not take lightly.  We have always run our own superannuation fund and, whilst at times this has been taxing, we have enjoyed the experience.  Recently we reached a point in life where we did not want the worry nor pressure of continuing this process as we needed the freedom to enjoy retirement together and our growing number of grandchildren.

The Encounter Group, and in particular, David Schultz, were recommended to us for a general chat. We met with David in a relaxed atmosphere where he explained in some detail what exactly he did and made some general enquiries as to what my wife and I were looking for in regards to our general expectations of financial needs for the future together with any special events that we would like to include in our lifestyle. David also went to some lengths to check to see that we were covered legally for the unexpected events in life and that our family were covered in such events — a nice touch.

Over the following few days David researched, then produced several scenarios for us to consider at the same time carefully explaining the pros and cons of each proposal. Not only did we find this enlightening it was of great relief to have all this information presented in a logical easy to read form. Questions were encouraged and were promptly attended too.

We are very happy with the ultimate solution and the flexibility to change the balance and makeup of the portfolio should world events or market forces so dictate.

Nobody can predict the future but with the follow-up that we know David will provide we are confident of a long and successful relationship with The Encounter Group.